Sunday, November 9, 2008

I am guessing this is where I write about the family.

We are doing great at this point.

Shoulder surgery for Daniel is done!!

Nathan is done with football and taking a break before he starts working on his eagle project!!

Melissa is at BYU-I. It is fun to get pics & texts from her.

Jennifer has a cute boy Ayden.

I am new at this so .... I am going to try to put a few pics in here.


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Diana said...

Greetings, how is it going? That shoulder looks tough. EEsh! Pain, not fun.
So blogging is not so tough? Did I tell you why I got started. You can have you blog printed and hard bound, pictures and all there. NO MORE SCRAPBOOKING, as we used to know it. This I love. I have a years worth to slap in books before I am totally behind so I am hanging on by my fingernails. This is wonderful news though.
Okay back to homeschool etc. More painting still. Rain has gotten in the way.
See you,Diana