Friday, April 24, 2009

We went to Qwest stadium to watch the motor cross time trials. It was loud and exciting.

We are having a fun time in Seattle with Daniel for his 14th birthday!! The weather was wonderful... nice and sunny.

We had brunch at the space needle. The food was excellent.


JMKunz said...

I still don't know why the spacing is so weird on this post. I should have tried to fix it while you guys were still here. Maybe if we come up to visit I can dink around with it again.

JMKunz said...

yeah a Noob is a someone who is really new to something- doesn't know what they're doing! Its a gaming nickname mostly, and since McKay is a gamer and has gamer friends- I am highly familiar with words like that. Although this one seems to have branched out from people who play online games, etc. I thought it was as good comparison to my thoughts about parenting!